¿ What about us ?

Centro de Biotecnología y Biomedicina is a Biotech Company focused on services, processes and products development for the Biomedical, Veterinary and Aquaculture Industry.

Our company has broad experience in areas such as:

  1. Production of recombinant proteins, artificial synthesis of DNA molecules and peptides with both pharmacological and industrial application.

  2. Design and development of productive systems based on recombinant expression using bacterial host systems, yeasts, and mammalian cell cultures.

  3. Advice and services for the formulation and development of R & D & I projects in the biotechnology field.

  4. Establishment of purification procedures (downstream) for recombinant molecules and their biochemical and structural characterization.

  5. Development of subunit vaccines of biomedical and veterinary interest.

  6. Generation and characterization of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

  7. Generation of Phage Display libraries for surface exposure of peptides, scFv fragments or nanobodies.

  8. Obtaining and characterizing affinity molecules such as peptides, scFv fragments or nanobodies.

  9. Business Development and Technology Transfer.

Approximately 50% of our human resources holds a PhD or MSc degree, our R & D team are highly trained personnel in the most diverse areas of the biological sciences (Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Bioinformatics, Immunology, and Biomedicine). The executive team is composed of specialists with training in Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications and Foreign Trade. The company also has technical and auxiliary personnel whose invaluable work is essential for the operation of laboratories and experimental units.

Centro de Biotecnologia y Biomedicina executes most of its R & D activities in its own facilities. The company has approximately 200 m2 of laboratories equipped for work in molecular and cellular biology, as well as independent experimental units authorized to carry out tests on birds, pigs, fish, goats, and sheep.