About us

By the end of 2012, born CBB as a start-up sponsored by the Business Incubator of the Universidad de Concepcion.

Its founders, both academics of the Universidad de Concepcion, identified the need to create a Biotechnology company focused on product development, processes and services, for the Biomedical and Veterinary field.

An implicit goal in the medium to long-term is also the implementation of own production plants that are able to operate under Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) allowing the manufacturing in a commercial scale of products of biomedical and veterinary interest.

The original idea contemplated the creation of a technology-based company with five fundamental objectives:

  1. Develop innovative products and processes that respond to real social needs.
  2. Respond to the needs of the productive sector, through the provision of advisory services, product development, process development, or implementation of productive facilities.
  3. Support and collaborate with the academic sector in the execution of the R+D+i stages linked to the biomedical and veterinary sector.
  4. Establish dynamic and flexible knowledge management strategies that facilitate the commercial realization of the results of the R+D+i activity.
  5. Contribute to the training of highly qualified human resources through internships and thesis work of Pre and Postgraduate, within the company.

With this vision we have been operating since our inception. The scientific activity covers the most dissimilar areas of applied research. Among them: development of biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic systems, development of new formulations, medicated foods, development of vaccines, development of probiotics, stimulators of growth and immune system, and implementation and optimization of new platforms for the biomolecules' production.

R + D

Some of our projects in development

Hantavirus Vaccine

"Development of a recombinant vaccine candidate against Hantavirus based on the glycoprotein surface of the Andes virus.

Growth Stimulants for Salmonids

"Recombinant products to stimulate the growth and the survival and immune system in fish farming"

Antibodies in Goat Milk

"Innovate in the production technology of antitumour antibodies in the milk of genetically modified goats"

TNFalpha Blocking Molecules

"Development of new molecules for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases"

Diabetic Foot Treatment

"Therapeutic formulation for tissue regeneration in patients with diabetic foot ulcers"

Variant of FSH Bovine

"Development of a new recombinant product for regulation of heat and pregnancy in cattle and sheep-goats"





Founders Team

Jorge Toledo

CEO | Co Founder

Ph.D in Cell and Molecular Biology


Oliberto Sanchez

COO | Co Founder

Ph.D in Cell and Molecular Biology


Executive Team

Dany Echemendía

Head of Finance

Telecommunications Engineer

Francisca Araya

Head of Innovation


Matias Jimenez

Head of Business Development

Industrial Engineer

R&D Team 

Francisca Starck

Ph.D (c) Cell and Molecular Biology


Rodrigo Mansilla

MSc. Biochemistry and Bioinformatics


Viana Manrique

Ph.D (c) Cell and Molecular Biology


Silvana Jimenez

Ph.D (c) Cell and Molecular Biology


Rita Cerro

MSc. Immunology and Clinical Biochemistry


Maria José Leiva





 Find us


Granada 186, Vilumanque, Concepción, Chile


Moraleda 480, Oficina 7, Coyhaique, Chile


Pasaje Los Montes s/n, Quinchamalí, Chillán


(+56) 41 266 10 45